Naim NA Recapped NAT03 - well worth it

Hi all,

I would have resurrected the old NAT03 thread but it is already closed. Just wanted to report back - I got my NAT03 back from Naim NA for a service and it sounds great. It is harder to tell, given the vagaries of weather etc., but I also think the reception is better.

I did in the interim buy an NAT02 but it was damaged in transit. It still worked fine as far as I can tell, but I could tell it was a step up, and the reception actually seemed pretty good.

I think the whole reputation of Naim tuners not being great on reception is a bit off - maybe not good for DXing, but if you are in an urban area as we are, they are great.

My wife loves it which is the ultimate thumbs up.

Keeping this heritage kit up to snuff is just so worth it.


Great news. I’ve been really surprised at just how well the NAT03 works here out in the countryside with a less than stellar signal, and no, I’m not using an RS Galaxie…

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Thanks Richard - I appreciate your coaching on this –

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I also want to add - I think the low profile wide case is very cool looking too…

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