Naim NAC 202 + NAP 200 + Hicap DR + NAPSC : is it good combination?

Hello friends…

I have attractive system offer from my friend that will sell all Naim stuff with configuration as follows

  • NAC-202
  • NAP-200
  • HiCap DR

will sell all those Naims for USD4400 or GBP3600
truly, I dont have any idea about this configuration and price offered

anyone here use that configuration : how’s it sound ?
if there’s any opinion about price offered, it will be good

thank you

That’s an excellent amplifier. The price seems high but then you are in Indonesia where the market is more limited. The thing to look out for is when the 200 and Hicap were serviced. If it needs doing soon, it will be expensive. Somehow I can’t help thinking that you might be better off with a new or nearly new Supernait 3.

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A very nice combination as said, but I think HH’s suggestion is sound.

Hearing a 202/200/NAPSC (quite a few times) never made me want to exchange my SN3.


as long I saw your post, SN3 is a winner…
but unfortunately there’s no offer now and difficult to find specific Naim type here in Indonesia

Good advice i think. How old are the 200 and hicap. Do they need service plus recap? If so go for something else

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Another vote for this being a decent amp combination but (in most situations) no better than SN3.

I hear you on location. However, if you know you like Naim, you could keep an eye on eBay Australia and similar. It’s a long shipping journey to Indonesia, and it’s a bit of a bother, but you do see Naits and Supernaits on there.


Great combination and being a spilt pre-power great upgrade potential, if that is what you seek.

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If the components were not serviced in the recent years, the price seems to be high.

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If they’re not recently serviced, I’d suggest you try to use this as a lever to get about £1000 knocked off the price.

I serviced my 202 and 200 last year because they were about ten years overdue for it. When they came back, they sounded better but not overwhelmingly so. Based on my experience, therefore, I’d say that unserviced Naim kit doesn’t necessarily sound awful - far from it. But don’t tell the seller this!


In the UK the price you’d expect to pay for that system is around £3000. So a little over priced to be honest.

Will be a very good system though with lots of future scope if you wanted to upgrade.

HCDR could be quite new and probably won’t need service.
The oldest ones released ten years ago.

Judging from your post its hard to tell if price is right, many factors should decide and the information is limited from you.

Definately a good combo - have used that myself, very much better than a Supernait 2, which is of course much cheaper s/h.

Keep an eye on Shark or the Bay, sometime people are willing to ship WW.

I think It is not asy to trace whether the first owner (seller) had been bought that configuration, but I think it more than 2 years, and I am sure he has not serviced or reccaped any of them

You should ask for the serial numbers and then check the age of the Naim website.

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Yes, Australia is not too far from here in Indonesia, but tax cost and other cost causing by import is too high here, especially exchange rate now is getting worst (IDR vs AUD/USD/GBP), and most of Indonesian Naimee are looking for Naim users in Indonesia or at least Naim that available in Indonesia market

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Yes, If I don’t buy Hicap DR now and only connecting NAC-202 to NAPSC and to NAP-200 is there any problem?

No and in fact by powering the 202 with the 200 you’ll be getting the full benefit of the DR functionality. I powered my 282 for quite a few years with the 200 and it worked great.

Edit: just realised that the 200 is not a DR model, not a problem it will still power the 202 fine.

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lovely system - thats how my journey started

one tip - keep that lovely but niosey little NAPSC away from the 202 and any sources

is it fine if my configuration is
NAC-202 + NAPSC + NAP-200 ?

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Yes - that’s exactly the amplification setup I’ve been running for a couple of years. It’s a lovely combination!


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Sure its a fine amplication.

But why not get the serials to determine age. ?

Notice there’s two editions of the Napsc and also Nap 200 as someone mentioned the DR.