Naim Nac 252 / SuperCap DR and Subwoofer connection

I’m going from a 282/HICAPDR/250DR to a 252/SUPERCAPDR/300DR.

Actually I use a cable 4 PIN DIN to RCA from HI-CAP DR to SVS active Subwoofer.

To Socket 1 (AUX Output) HI-CAP DR I connect to the active SVS Subwoofer.

Which exit Supercap DR should I use with the same cable from the SCDR to the Subwoofer?

It doesn’t matter. The signal outs on the SC are identical to the HC. So just connect it how you do now.

Use socket 3 on the Supercap. Sockets 4 and 5 will be used for the 300 (as these are closest to the Burndy connection to the 252)

i’d say all the outputs are identical so the next one in line should do

Be sure that the lead you use from supercap to subwoofer is of low capacitance. You will also probably need to slug it - IIRC Naim used a 100R resistor is their own 3 and 5m sub lead - otherwise overall performance of the pre-amp can suffer. However, as you’ve already been using it on the 282/Hicap, I assume its already OK…?


Thanks everyone for the answers, I understand.

My current cable is a good 1.5 meter cable with specially made gold connectors and has a capacity of 65pf / m with the appropriate resistor.

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