Naim Nac 282 Best Power Supply

obviously the best upgrade for the 282 is the supercap dr, but having to choose between one or two hicap dr and a supercap 2, which one is the best? not considering a possible upgrade to 252

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As with so many Naim systems, you really need to decide for yourself. I would say that the majority view amongst forum members is that the Supercap sounds better, but not all agree. Some prefer a single Hicap.

Lot of discussions on the old forum about this topic.

To summarize: with 2 Hicap there could be some earth loop problems; with the SCDR, the 282 doesn’t use all the PS rails.


I run a 282 with HCDR and very happy with it, there is a school of thought that 2 HC does not add much
I am going to demo a SCDR with 282 from my dealer this year

i have always like the presentation of the 282 not planning to change

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I upgraded from hicap to supercap DR on my 282 but have since moved on to a 552. I never regretted geting the supercap but having upgraded further I don’t think I’d put one on a 282 again if the 552 and 500 had to go. on a superline yes, like a shot, but on a 282 I’m not so sure. It does depend a bit on speakers though, and probably room too.

I know there will always be a variety of views but I’m going to be somewhat assertive on this. Having heard all the options the SCDR is night and day the best option, bigger soundstage, more resolution, richer and far more engaging sound.

If only Brexit were that clear cut :woozy_face:.




Have to agree with Lindsay on this one, the Supercap gives you so much more…


I’ve heard all these combinations and am confident that the Supercap is better than one or two Hi-caps by a mile. That said I felt the difference between a SC and SCDR on the 282 wasn’t that big, the SCDR making a bigger difference when on a 252, so do consider a second-hand non-DR SC is you have the chance.

I can’t help thinking that the answer to this depends on a great many variables - not least the source.

I hope to be shortly having a demo of a second HicapDR on my 282 - fed by CDX2/XPS2 - so will report back after this. I’d like a Supercap of course but I can’t help feeling that the SC is under-utilised on the 282 and only really sensible as a stepping stone to getting a 252.

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I have an 82 and have considered adding a second Hicap, upgrading to a single Hicap DR or going down the Olive Supercap route.
I think long term the Supercap route may be the best option. :blush:

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Not sure I can tell much difference between 1 or 2 Hi-Caps on the 282 in all honesty, but both are old non DR HiCaps probably in need of service.
On the servicing front I guess there’s no easy way to tell unless you have recently serviced ones to A/B as well.

One of my HiCaps is a fair bit older - if that’s much worse than the newer one I guess it might even be detrimental running both.

I’m considering a SCDR, largely as I’ll ultimately want to go to the 252, provided I can get a demo!



Having moved from a single Hicap to a Supercap DR on my 282, for me, it’s a definite step up the “naim ladder”
As described by other (more eloquent) posters, a very noticeable sound improvement - highly recommended


Single Hi-Cap or preferably a Supercap. 2xCaps was (for me) more Hi-Fi, less music. A Supercap (this was pre DR) made a lovely combination with the 282. If you’re not going to go further then I’d demo the HC vs SC on your 282 and decide from there.


thank you all for your precious advice, I talk about supercap 2 and not DR, I can’t buy a supercap DR, so the question is “282 + Hicap DR now, if I replace che hicap dr on my 282 is an upgrade?”

…and to confuse matters in another direction, if using one Hi-CAP how much better is a Hi-Cap DR vs an Olive Hi CAP? Significant or better to save for a Supercap DR?

Both have different sound signatures (old 317 based reg vs DR) - depends on the rest of the system and what you like.

Only one way to find out…

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I have a 282 and use a SuperCap DR to power it. I did start with a HiCap DR though. The difference was significant enough to make me think that the upgrade was worthwhile. Not sure if I will get a 252 or not but most likely will try and jump to 552 and then use the SuperCap DR on my Headline which the relegated HiCap DR now powers.

I recently added an XPS DR in place of an XPS and was the final piece of my DR jigsaw. The difference was massive and rather than it being a direct result of that single power supply being better I believe it was a cumalative effect of having a complete DR power supply chain. On this basis I would probably rather go with a HiCap DR than a non DR SuperCap. Getting a back to back home demo on used equipment is not always easy!