Naim NAC 32.5/NAP 140 vs NAC 122x/NAP 150x, how about the sound character each?


I would like an opinion and a comparison of 2 system combinations:
NAC 32.5 / NAP 140 vs NAC 122x / NAP 150x

How does the comparison of the sound characters produced between the two, the nature and ability to reproduce low notes, for example on the impression of a drum beat, which one feels more punchy or deeper?

The body of the voice, which one feels more weighty?

I will listen to jazz almost 100% of all genres be it Be Bop, Post Bob, Cool Jazz, to Fusion …

Please think that maybe someone has used one of the above configurations or has even listened to the two configurations above

thank you

You’ve got another thread going about 32.5 or 62. Now this one about two different setups. Has the 62 therefore been eliminated? Do you want shoebox amps? Do you want remote control?

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there’s another option but not the same city as me
so I can’t hear it, especially during Covid19 like this

yes 32.5 is more I like over 62…but there’s the other setup 122x/150x

The other thing to be aware of is that the power amps need servicing and recapping every 10 years. Make sure that you understand the cost and logistics of that if you buy an amplifier that has not been serviced recently.

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Of course, but I think the comparison is according to the specifications assuming everything is good

More important than sound character is the condition of these amplifiers.
Older Naim amps will most likely need service.
You will need a proper source.

Any of these combos will be excellent, others may explain generel differences between CB/Olive/Classic


Have the current owners selling take the sled off and send pics of the inside. If anything looks untoward like leaking caps, blackened, bulging caps, or a past bodge of DIY recapping then best avoid. I bought a NAP 160 BD last year off eBay (ok it was actually listed by my Naim dealer a 10 minute drive away which was a big plus) and it was the inside pictures that made me think it might be a good deal. As far as I can tell, it had at least been partially recapped (the big PSU ones at least)and nothing looked off. Sounds great and imo won’t need a service for awhile. So you might get lucky sound wise as long as it appears to at least be in good order.

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all of both combination in excellent condition, so I want to talk for sound character

good advice sir, thank you
I’ll pay attention

The older Naim gear is more “ Flat Earth “ the newer gear is a little more “ Hi Fi “
Might want to Google or search the older forums
All things being up to spec and in no need to recap.

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Not to be snarky but @primemerkava you need to listen. No one here has your ears or your room. I could say A sounds better than B you could hear the opposite.

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maybe it’s a matter of personal preference and taste?

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Exactly. No one can tell you what you will prefer.

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in terms of investment value, which one is good?

That depends on what price your being offered.?
I’d say older stuff but others might prefer new stuff

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What does that tell someone? It seems to imply that older gear sounds somewhat removed from reality…

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Naim is not cheap for me, so buying Naim must be with full consciousness and carefully

If it helps, I’m not sure it is cheap for any of us.


I happen to use Naim CDX for CD player, right now I am faced with the 2 choices above, where 32.5 / 140 is CB while 122x / 150x is classic.

If you look at the face of CDX olive, which one is still suitable to be combined with this CDX?