Naim NAC 32.5/NAP 140 vs NAC 122x/NAP 150x, how about the sound character each?

In some ways it just might but still very fun to listen too.

Personally I would go for the CB rig, but I’m also one who owns a CB NAP110 and CB160 BD. That said you can also mix and match - the 160 is driven by a DAC V1, and the 110 by a Matrix Mini-iPro 3. Both sound wonderful to me.

You’ll lose the least on the one you pay the least for. Honestly if you are already factoring in deprecation… well you sail your own ship

The CDX will be excellent with CB or olive kit, maybe a bit upfront.
Later classic amps are more smooth pleasing.
A hicap is next step upgrade and that is a huge improvement.

I’d suggest choose both pair if budget is available.
I possible get CB combo serviced if never done.

If we compare these 2 systems (32.5 / 140 vs 122X / 150X), how is the ability to better represent the sound of a drum beat or a bass guitar beat?
In the sense of a punchier drum, a more powerful sound than just a flat sound?

All being equal and recently serviced in a Naim approved manner, I would go for the 32.5/140.

We have 2 NAP140 amps in the family and they are fabulous. I have also owned 2 NAC32.5 in my time and it’s a step up from a 122.

However, here’s the huge caveat: they are so old that it depends on condition

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Thanks for the information

Currently I am being offered 32.5 / 140, and I am interested in the item, it happens that the condition is very special, likenew, tested and normal, in the original box for 32.5.

The unit has been tested for sound and in excellent condition, both physically of the parts in it and the sound produced.

Does the 32.5 / 140 produce punchy bass? because I still have doubts about the power at 8 ohms which is only 45 watts per channel

thank you

The punchyness depends on so much more than only the power amp. I have no complaints about my 140. What loudspeakers do you have? If they are not difficult ones, I’d not worry too much about the nap 140.

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I would have no concerns at all on that front, unless your room is the size of a warehouse.

Speaker - room matching is the key. Which speakers do you intend to use? If you haven’t selected speakers yet, start with a shortlist that includes PMC, Neat and Proac D20.

Adding a hicap also brings significant gains in perceived power and control to a 32.5/140.

Hope this helps, BF

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Oh I see, I use Bowers and Wilkins DM805 / DM601S3 / Elac Debut B5 sometimes

By “the units have been tested” mean they are in working order,? this is not unusual and tells virtually nothing about them.
Mint condition like new is very good however.

They are three+ decades old, count in a service before the “beat” are optimized.

You need to explain source and speakers etc, before your lucky to get any response on the drum/guitar beat query, my guess.

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my room is not big, only about 3 x 4 m
I use Bowers and Wilkins DM805 / DM601S3 or sometimes Elac Debut B5

That’s right. The unit was well tried and actually by the previous owner (my friend) being used as well.
Everything has been tested including whether there is sound / noise that comes out when there is no music playing, and all conditions are good / quiet, no distortion / things that disturb

Incidentally, my friend got this unit in New Old Stock and he is maintaining it very well

I don’t know the DM805 / elacs, but I have used the B&W CM5S2 for quite a while with my nac 72/nap 140. The CM5S2 does not look that different from the DM601S3 - but yours is front ported.

I changed moved my CM5’s to a different room since they had too much energy and a bit of bass boom in my room. I have a feeling that what I did not like, you might very well like.

Also, the nap 140 seems the right level of gear for these B&W’s.

It has been mentioned before by more people:

  • both propositions are balanced & good (32.5/140 vs 122x/150x)
  • the 122x/150x is a bit more all round / rounded
  • the 32.5/140 is a bit more old skool Naim / punchy - even forward / flat earth (if that means something to you
  • Nac 122x supports remote control
  • 32.5/140 is older than the other and even when it is still very good, it is likely to need maintenance earlier.

I would not know what to choose either!

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I want to know what it means:

  • the 122x/150x is a bit more all round / rounded
  • the 32.5/140 is a bit more old skool Naim / punchy - even forward / flat earth (if that means something to you

do you mean all around / rounded do you mean suitable for all types of music or a rounder bass sound?

also mean old skool Naim / punchy, do you mean here the bass beat is not round but feels more powerful?

These things have to be experienced to be understood.

Your profile indicates that you already have a 62/140. If so, the 32.5/140 should sound the same, condition being equal.

Best regards, BF

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Suitable for all types of music primarily but also a more true sound (which is not always a good thing).

Let me explain a bit please. I have quite a few Naim black boxes, the current ‘classic’ line. I wanted to have a living room system based on the olive models so I bought a Nac 72 / Nap 140. This was lovely. I was experimenting a bit and hooked up my simple turntable, a Project Debut Carbon and I bought some vinyl from a local shop. He had only music from the sixties, seventies and so on - but I’m a lover of classical music - symphonies et cetera.

When it all was setup, I truly enjoyed listening to it and I literaly saw my foot tapping and I suddenly realized where that ‘foottapping’ phrase came from.

I find it very difficult to comment on your bass beat comment since there are many factors relevant, not just the amps. Lets say that the timing of the bass beat for sixties / seventies music was optimal with the 72/140.

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thanks for sharing
I mean bass beat is for example we listen to music with clear instrument separation, clear transparency such as Acoustic Alchemy for example or Fourplay.

Does the beat of the bass from the 2 music groups sound powerful in the sense that the room is not big (3x4 m if that’s my room) is there a beat of bass that we feel?

Don’t think the 122x/150x will sell as easily as the 32.5/140 so I’d start with the latter and see how you get on.

Maybe later down the line, buy the 122x/150x online so that you can easily return it if it’s not as good as the 32.5/140.

Obviously the older amps are more likely to be in need of a service. Not an issue in the UK but perhaps you’re elsewhere in the World…