Naim nac 32.5 pre amp

BNC input connector on my NAIM NAC32.5 PREAMP is broken. Where can I find the replacement for the same? My location is Mumbai city in India.

Are the connectors physically broken or is there some other issue?

If it’s just the BNC sockets you need, then do you have a Naim dealer near to you at all? Naim could probably supply them with the part.

Otherwise RS components or Farnell would probably have something suitable - it’s a 50 ohm panel mount BNC socket.

Unable to remove my BNC cable. That channel volume is also low compared to the other one. The BNC input connector keeps on rotating. In Mumbai city of India, no authorised agent. Some shops sells on prepaid order but no service centre. My Hifi engineer is telling me to replace capacitor and filters etc so the sound quality will improve considerably. But the main problem is original spare parts.

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