Naim nac 52 connecting with AVR

Sorry - I have been absent a few months. My system is working so well and many thanks to all of you who helped in building it.

Today my 11 year old onkyo avr is making some mistakes. One channel (right front) fades away sometimes. A few months ago he announced it with cracks. Now it is worth.
To use the Multichannel setup before buying a new one I remembered that there is some workaround using Naim amps together with an avr.
Can I plug the pre-amp out (front channels) from my avr to the tape input of my 52.
is this possible without killing the electronics.
I know that the volume setup is more difficult as it runs through the pre amp and afterwards through 52. and I have to be careful that 52 is not too loud.

But is it possible - any technical warnings or limitations ?

I do have a cord cable Cinch to Din which fits in length.

Thank a lot for your help !!!

Best regards

Hi - no one an idea?
Would like to start re-cabling today, if it is possible.
Thanks a lot.

Holger, yes, you can do this. It would mean finding a suitable volume level on the NAC52 (i would start fairly low to be safe). Otherwise, Naim offered a Unity Gain modification for one of the Tape inputs on the NAC52, where that input would bypass the volume control.

Thank you so much - as ever, it helped a lot.

It is a bit tricky with the volume, as I have to go to 9 o clock for having nearly similar volumes on the channels. I corrected the other 4 channels (3 plus sub) with minus 10 dB and gave the plus 10 to the front.
Now it is fine.

I do have some boards here (think it is for phono). Passthrough.
Think these are a different approach from the update you mentioned. Only converting phono to high level?
Or is this the passthrough i need?

Best regards

Holger, it’s different. The AV unity gain permanently converts one of the inputs to bypass the volume control.

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