Naim Nac 62 with nap 140 versus Naim nait 5i-2

I have Naim Nac 62 with Nap 140 with a (don’t all hit me at once) a non-Naim power supply and and have now bought a Naim Nait 5i-2 . The former sounds good and the new integrated amp sounds a bit thinner to my ears with a tad less bass.

I am using budget speakers, Dali Spector 2’s , which sound really good in my small snug. I used to have Castle Durham’s for a few decades, but the Dali’s are very spacious with a good bass in that room, which I can adjust by moving to/from rear wall. I have thought about N Sats and AE1’s, but frankly my speakers work well in the space the they are in.

Is the 5i-2 really a much better amp?

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A NAC62 and NAP140 on top form is still a formidable combination, which, if still made new, would cost many times that of a NAIT 5i. So if you prefer the former, that’s not so surprising. Of course, as ever, much will spend on the source. How are you fronting each amp?


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I have a 72/hicap/140 which is similar to your 62/ps/140 and it is my most allround go-to system.

An original Nait 5 has my preference over the Nait 5i - if paired with easy to drive loudspeakers.

Apologies for my digressions. I am running a Regar Planar 3 turntable (where I cannot get any volume worth mentioning on the 5i using the AV input (as advised by Naim on the phone before I bought the amp) a tape deck, a tuner and CD player.

Thank you.

Hugh, A 5i amp is quite good for a power amp with passive pre section .
Its not very transparent and revealing, but involving with good pace & timing.
Need to have a bit volume before it gets going.

A 62/140 need service by now if never done I guess that’s why you experience doubt.
Your speakers might play a role too, if you can source nSats these will clearly tell you the truth.

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What phono stage are you using between the Rega and the NAIT 5i?

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You must use a phono stage, look at the rega fono mm. The nait 5 doesn’t have a built in phono stage. That’s another £200 unless you find a 2nd hand one.
If I were you, I would;
Get a proper hicap
Get the 62/140 serviced, ask Darran at Class A.

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Nait 5i is a good amp for a smallish room. I am running mine with a set of Linn Kans in a large. bedroom at the moment and it fills the room. You need a phono stage between your tt and the amp though.

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Now that I have been educated, I am getting a Project Audio one that can handle MC and MM.


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