Naim NAC 72 minor fault

My Naim NAC 72 has an intermittent issue when switching between phono and the next input. Occasionally there will be no sound from one channel. If I move the selectors back to phono and then back it usually comes back. Have swapped cards and used Dexoxit on the switch.
Don’t really want to send to Naim for such a simple fault. Any suggestions? Does anyone still make the switch used?

The switch is a remote one made by ALPS.

If switch cleaner hasn’t helped (you are putting it in the remote switch part on the main board, aren’t you?) then probably best for @NeilS to advise here.

Yea am putting it on the remote part at the back

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It’s possible that the issue is down to wear of the contacts inside the switch & no amount of switch cleaner will fix that unfortunately.

Try putting some on the mute monitor switch too, there’s an outside chance it may be dirty & the flexing of the PCB is affecting it.



What is the Alps part number? Is it an SSSR26?

Unfortunately I can’t find a manufacturer part number on our system (it pre-dates a change of our ERP system).

Looking at an ebay listing of the part number you quoted, if the picture is of the actual product, it’s too short. :disappointed:


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