Naim NAC 82 double link plugs

I am using my NAC 82 serial no. 86072 with a single Hi-cap, but I only have one blank cap with connector pins. Since moving some years ago I can’t find any more. The connector layout in the manual shows what it calls a “linking plug” covering 2 connectors. Can anyone advise if I am missing a special double connector that electrically links the 2 connectors please? I have ordered a second blanking plug with connector pins as I can’t find any double link pins on sale. Any thoughts from the community would be most welcome, thanks.

What you’re missing is the 4pin Paddle Link plug (for Pre-amp) that plugs into the 4 pin DIN link socket and also covers the 2nd PSU upgrade socket. They are available to buy from your Naim dealer (cost looks to be around £8 in the UK).

Whatever you do, don’t plug in a 5 pin link plug into the 2nd PSU socket…

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Thank Richard, your prompt and expert response is much appreciated

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