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Hello everyone and I hope someone might have some insight, I was away for the weekend, left my system on as usual. Came home and right channel speaker is out. My normal set up is as follows, NAC 82 - NAP 250 - 2X hicaps. All olive series. Serviced around 2017. SO, to narrow things down I linked only 1 hicap, no change to the lack of sound from the right channel, then changed out the 250 for an old nap90 with no hicaps, still no right channel. So it’s not happening because of the original set up, only could be the nac82? Left channel sounds crisp and perfect. I tried swapping the input for the right channel speaker cable into the left channel output and it sounds perfect, so it’s not the speaker. Power didnt go out in my apartment while i was away, stove clock is still set. When powering up or powering the power amp down the little click is audible in the right channel speaker. Happening on multiple sources. so strange… any help at all much appreciated!! Nac 82 looks to have everything in order… no burnt looking components.… maybe the NAPSC? Can that happen?

Checked the balance? It’s the only thing left!

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If this just happened by itself, press and release the mono button about 10 times and see if that helps.

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What’s the source? Have you checked it’s not that, nor the source i/c?

I had these problems when I had two olive hicaps with my 82. I took all the cables out after turning everything off. Then put all the cables back. Could be loose connection somewhere?

Then powered back on and problem solved.

I think you have a Gremlin or Oni somewhere, if this has happened before (which is how I read your comment above)… :japanese_ogre:

Oni - Japanese Demon

Check all your leads - swap or substitute. Be methodical - make notes.
Ideally - put an alternative Naim Pre Amp in the system… :open_mouth:

I tried it with a different naim pre amp, a 62 i had in my office, sounds perfect, running same cables and set up with the 250 and 1 hicap. very strange. must be something with the 82

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Looking at your picture, I can see two potential candidates - the 82 looks original (phono boards look newer).
The gold coloured axial capacitors can fail short circuit due to age.
The opto-couplers x4 (on the main PCB next to the two grey ribbons from the front panel) are of a type that have been identified as unreliable. This can result in some strange behaviour, including input crosstalk etc.

Time for a service!



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