Naim NAC 82 volume control problem

I have a problem with the volume control - Pots 8 - on my NAC 82 preamp. It has receded into the front facia hole and doesn’t allow enough space to attach the rotating plastic knob. Any ideas how I can rectify this please?

One for @Richard.Dane ???

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One for @NeilS I fear…

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The grub screw that is threaded through the small square of metal you can see near the pot shaft & has allowed the knob to slip up the shaft. Although you could potentially pull it forward again, tightening the screw will not be possible, as the top lip of the cover will impede the small flat blade screwdriver required to access the screw head.
So it will be a cover off job, (all 4 feet & the hex bolt/washer) insert above tool through the hole in the outer rim of the knob & engage with the screw head, loosen slightly. Then move the knob forward to the same degree as the balance knob, turn the pot shaft to the lowest position, align the knob with the bottom end of the scale marked on the fascia & tighten the grub screw. Don’t overdo it though, as the head of the grub screw is fairly delicate.
No intended innuendos were used in the composition of this post. :grinning:



Thank you so much Neil. I will give that a go.

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All sorted Neil, thank you again, Regards Roger

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