Naim&Naim combo volume control

I’ve read some threads about the volume controls and I’m perplexed a bit.
nd5xs2 + SN3 requires some cable to have the system automation, in other words, to rotate the volume wheel.
Please, explain to me, what is going on and, please, excuse me for the following comparizon. Some day I was trying the Arcam CDS50 streamer connected by RCA to the 5si amp. The 5si amp rotates its volume wheel when I press + and - volume buttons on the Arcam’s RC. To me, this is an excellent example of the perfect working automation. Looks like the Naim amp does support such a case. Easy-peasy.
Why the hell Naim&Naim combo requires some lousy cable for the exact same outcome?
Ok, I’ve returned that CDS50 to the dealer and preordered nd5xs2, but tell me why Naim&Naim are unable to have the same automation model?

The source may not have IR, the NDX 2 and ND555 use a Zigbee based RF radio to allow control from the Naim RCU that is supplied with those products.
If your Arcam device RCU controls other devices it’s probably just because they are both using the same IR protocol (RC5 more than likely)
I had the same issue when I had a Linn device in the same rack as an Arcam AVR, the Arcam remote would also control the Linn device. I was able to disable IR on the Linn device and “fix” the conflict that way.

Naim system automation allows for control of the IR from a wired connection between a source and an amplifier, you can have multiple devices combined in certain scenarios as well.

The ND5 XS2 is not shipped with an RCU at all however using the 3.5mm to 3.5mm mini jack connections on both the ND and the NAIT, you can still manage the ND source and control the NAIT from the Naim app on your phone or tablet. The ND5 XS2 can only be controlled and managed from the Naim app for iOS or Android.

The NAIT 5si does not have a wired remote input, the XS and Supernait do have it.

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The Naim solution only needs the cable if you want to control the amp from the Naim app. The remote control that comes with the Naim amp will rotate the volume wheel. Using the Naim app to control both the streamer and the amp is a nice time saver. With system automation I rarely use the remote that was supplied with my amp, I just do it all from the app.

I use it to control volume & switch sources with the app, thats OK with streamer + amp.
Its useful when you have multiple sources as it also auto switches the amps input selection. Problem with other sources is the remote has to be used. In my case changing tuner stations & the same for CD player controls (when I had a CDP).

If you have a gen2 naim streamer and suitable amp or Nac, it just requires a cable that’s about 50p. Would have been nice to have it included or at least some instructions.
When I borrowed a nac282 it was the bit ( apart from sq) that made me not want to return the 282. It made using the ndx2 from the phone amp much easier. And as others have said, you can do without the remote on the ndx2.

Hopefully you are aware that the ND5XS2 does not have a remote control. Using the system automation you will be able to change the volume and inputs on your amplifier through the Naim app.

You need the wire so that the ND can send the necessary commands to the amplifier. The Arcam remote could control the volume on the Naim because Arcam and Naim use the same codes.

Ok, got it. I should have guessed but looks like I wasn’t a diligent student :slight_smile:

The cable just transmits a simple signal to your amp to switch inputs and change volume. Very low tech, but works well.

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