Naim Nait 1 and 5m Nac A5

Hi everyone, I’m about to switch my amps home to work Nait 5 and Nait 1. So I was thinking about leaving cables. Nait 1 is connected to speakers with Nac A4 and Nait 5 with Nac A5. Is it too much load to connect Nait 1 to Nac A5 or is it ok?

NACA5 is very stiff and I’d be concerned about stressing the joints of the cable sockets that are soldered to the mainboard. :thinking:

Thanks for reply Guinnless, I will take good care about that! Main concern is load that is diffrent than with Nac A4…

@Richard.Dane would be able to offer good advice here :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s next to no difference electrically between A4 & A5, your Nait-1 will be very happy.


Mike thanks for reply, that was my only concern… To make Nait 1 really happy!
Nac A5 is 5m and Nac A4 as should 3.5m and that is only issue I think??

The recommendation is 3.5m minimum length, the actual reason for this length is A4 & A5 measure 1uH/m & that length gives the required minimum inductance load of 3.5uH,
3.5 is minimum, longer is better, 5m is nearer to ideal.

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Thanks for making this clear to me Mike!

Either should be fine. NACA5 will obviously perform better though.

The Naim speaker connectors should be used, although the later ones with “ears” can foul on the earlier NAITs and the “ears” may need to be trimmed off.

Richard, thanks for reply! I use Naim connectors on both end, true they are different on Nac A4.
And yes now that you mentioned, I will try to swap plastic shell to avoid trimming…

Yes, the plastic shells should be easily swapped over.

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