Naim Nait 2 CD Version

I own a Nait 2 CD version which is quite clear from the back of it yet CD input on the front fascia is stamped phono ?

My question is were all the CD versions made with phono on the front or was there a time that early ones were made this way or did any of them ever have CD on the fascia ?

At a guess not many of the cd version of this amp were made ?

I would be interested if anyone knows the timeline of events on this one or how it possibly came about ?

AFAIK, all the CD NAIT 2s came with CD on the front fascia in place of Phono. However, it was a bit before my time, so maybe someone like @ChrisW knows for sure. There’s also the possibility that it may have needed a replacement fascia at some point, and Phono fascias being made in much greater numbers, maybe that’s all that was available at the time.

By the way, ironically you may find that with a modern high performance CD player the AUX input gives better performance.

My Nait 2 CD has CD printed on the fascia.

Here’s my take on this.

Naim changed the internals to take the high input of CD through the phono input (as CD was taking off) and did not have the new ‘CD’ fascias manufactured in time before the units were sent to dealers. I say this as I have seen more CD Nait 2s with ‘phono’ on the fascia than ’CD’ (not that I have seen hundreds).

Seems feasible?

Certainly possible.

Hi Richard, sorry to ‘highjack’, just a quick question; NDX (v1): best input to use :grimacing: (202)

I would use either the CD or Tuner input on DIN, of course. Make sure your NDX is set to output from the DIN only (use the DISP key to toggle) as this is better than when DIN and RCA Phono are selected to output together.

Bless ya Richard. Yes, it’s on the CD input; just have one ‘out’ selected, it was just the ‘Aux’ thing that got me wondering :relaxed:

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