Naim Nait 2 CD Version

I have been thinking about a showbox-size amp for my study — it’s a rather small box room… :wink:

I saw that the Nait 2 also comes as a CD version with RCA input with a sensitivity of 200mV, as opposed to 75mV for the DIN inputs. Presumably 200mV is better for CD players.

Does the same apply to DACs, or is 75mV equally fine?

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Cheers! :slight_smile:

You may be better off with standard boards, I think the CD version was because CD players were so harsh at the time.
@Richard.Dane is likely to be the expert here. :blush:

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I can use a cd player without any problems with my Nait 2 phono edition. Volume range is limited between 7-10 o’clock. You may have to play with the balance control at very low volume.

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Iirc, the CD version was tweaked on the CD input to make the players of the time sound a little nicer. On a high quality current CD player you’d be best using one of the regular DIN inputs.


I think you are right Richard, the output of CD players was relatively high compared to tape decks & turntables at the time so I think the CD Nait had the CD input attenuated slightly to give a more even gain across the inputs.

I might be wrong on that, so please don’t quote me!


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We could do with a preamp input like that now for the current streamers! There might be fewer complaints about the tiny usable range of the volume pot in many systems, and if there’s a channel imbalance, it would be further outside the usable range.

Thanks guys – basically, if using a recent source, one doesn’t need to worry about the CD version. That’s good to know – makes the “hunting” a lot easier. It seems there are far more “regular” phono than CD versions… :slight_smile:

‘‘Players of the time’’ were not necessarily created equal! I know at least one that makes very engaging music with a Nait 2. In fact, it’s better on it’s own than a modern Chord dac connected to it’s BNC digital output!

I have the CD version of the Nait 2. I had it recapped last year. I had been using the CD input but just switched to Aux after reading this thread. It’s only been a few minutes so I can’t comment on sound quality, but the volume knob range is much reduced. The usable range for the knob with the Aux input is less than half of what it is with the CD input.

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Two days in and I think I will leave the DAC in the Aux input.


How is the sound quality different in the Aux input?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Are you saying that you have to turn the knob higher on the CD input to get the same volume as you do on the aux input?

I love my CB Nait 2 but as someone who uses it with digital sources I find the channel imbalance at low volumes to be frustrating at times.

snarfy: Yes. The usable range of the volume knob is significantly diminished using the aux input. if the knob has a range of 1 to 10, with the aux input ‘3’ is about the max volume for my wee Harbeths. It is annoying. Roughly half the usable range with the CD input.

NTD: I think the sound quality is, as Richard suggested, better. Greater separation between instruments, and a snare drum sounds more like a snare drum. Still early days.

I am moving my set up to a larger office in the new year and will be upgrading to larger speakers. I am wondering if that will make a difference. Right now, in a smaller room with a good deal of near-field listening, the aux is a touch impractical.

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