Naim Nait 2 CD

I have recently purchased a Nait 2 integrated with cd input
I am looking for advice on whether to use the cd input @ 200mv or the 5 pin dins @ 75 mv
I do not use cd but have a non Naim Streamer with rca L & R outputs

Any advice on interconnect cables would be also appreciated from the forum members

Finally does this amplifier accept the Naim angled speaker plugs if using NAC A5 ?

If it’s a Nait 2, then it’s an old machine , if it says CD input then that is what I would use for your streamer . These inputs used to say tuner, cd, tape etc - in reality I found them interchangeable -except for the phono stage . I used (from memory) a VCR & a Play Station

As to interconnects, you will need an RCA to Din connector , Flashback Sales offer such products and I have used them for just this purpose. No hype, just goo quality cables at a reasonable price

Afraid I can’t answer your speaker cable question as I found Naim speaker cable to stiff and inflexible , used Chord instead.

I would suggest you try the CD input and compare against one of the other line inputs. The difference is likely subtle, but you may find you prefer one over the other…

The spacing and the PCB mounted cable sockets mean that the SA8 plugs are recommended. However, the earlier ones may fit side by side more comfortably, or else you could just cut the POS tab off one of the plastic housings.

A streamer will have something close to 2v output, so as you have it, you must use the CD input.
A CDP or streamer can be used on the 0.75nV inputs but it makes the volume control very senstitive. I’ve installed an L-Pad attenuator in my 0.75mV source feed

The Nait-2 specs are
Input sensitivity/impedance
Tuner, Aux, Tape:75mV /, 47kohm (DIN)
Phono: 2.5mV / 47kohm (RCA)
(optional) Compact-disk: 200mV / 47kohm (RCA)

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