Naim Nait 2 possible issue?

I am hearing a low level hum through my speakers with my Nait 2 switched on. I can only hear it with my ear up close to the woofer, not from a distance.

Is it normal to be hearing this with this amp.

Connected to a cd3.5 via the grey din.


My first check would be if to check that the signal leads are not touching or nearby power leads.

Everything is separated off.

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Its not normal. Is the noise still there when you disconnect the cd?


I also have a Nait 1 here & a Nait 3. The Nait 1 is exactly the same hum but with the 3 there is no hum.

I will say this though, having just connected all 3, hum or no hum, the 2 is on a completely different level. The 1 is great, the 3 is not so great, the 2 is mind blowing, by comparison.

It sounds quite normal - my Nait 1 (serviced by Naim in 2018) has a very low level buzz with an ear very close to the speaker bass unit. The Nait 3 has a bit more room available to keep the very sensitive bits further away from the mains transformer.

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This is what iā€™m hearing, nothing intrusive & seems to have zero effect on SQ.

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