Naim Nait 3 Rubber Feet Replacements

I still have my Nait 3 from 1995 and it still sounds wonderful, but the rubber feet are starting to dissolve. Two questions: has anyone else had this issue. If so, is it possible to get replacements? They are not the typical screw in model, and I have not seen any advertised.

Yes, your Naim dealer should be able to supply from Naim.

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Thanks, Richard. It may seem a really obvious question, but I am curious about the design and the fact that they are rubber domes, secured by a metal rim on the inside of the cabinet rather than the more typical and substantial screwed feet. This makes them much harder to replace. Nothing comes up from an internet search. Was the change due to the slimline case? And if so, was this true of the other slimline products. I previously owned a 90/92 combination and a Nat 03 and I never thought to check.

AFAIK they are just stuck in place ( @NeilS can confirm or not) - I think the same ones are used on the Stageline, NAPSC etc… I just checked my NAT03 and, oh dear, two feet have gone gooey, so looks like I’ll be joining you in getting replacements. Which reminds me, I need some for my Meridian gear too, although annoyingly, I think they’re slightly different size…

That’s right Richard, self adhesive hemisphere feet. Same as stageline etc.


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