Naim Nait 3--Upgradable with a Hicap?

Just picked up a Nait 3. Sounds marvelous.I know it can be turned into a preamp but does anyone know what has to be done to be able to add a Hicap? Thanks.

@Richard.Dane should help. I am not familiar with that connecting. I just know it’s possible .
@Svetty has done that too.

You could either turn it into just a pre-amp - Naim disconnected the internal power amp and fit a couple of extra DINs (4&5). Or you could go further and have an extra DIN fitted which enabled you to still use it as an integrated amp (you’ll need a SNAIC) or use it as an integrated amp with a separate PSU.

You should speak to your dealer about whether Naim still offer this modification and if so, what would be the cost to have it done.

Will do. Thank you!

Many moons ago when I owned a Nait 3 I purchased a NAP180 and converted my Nait 3 to a pre. My dealer supplied me with a do it yourself kit not sure if this practice still goes on.

In 1996 i purchased a Nait and upgraded later with an Olive Hi-Cap, i don’t remember but i think was modified by my dealer to work with the latter. At the same time i owned a CD 3.5 later upgraded with HC as well.
At the end i also added a Nap 180 to the combo but with scarce success.

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