Naim Nait 3 with 6 ohm speakers

This might seem like a noob question to some: I have a Naim Nait 3 with integrated phono pre-amp that I use with my turntable… I am looking at buying a pair of 6 ohm rated speakers - will these run fine or will they cause any issues for the amp?

If I am not mistaken the Nait 3 is rated for 8 ohm.

From what I’ve been able to gather, generally it’s fine to mix 6 and 8 ohm rated equipment, but I was wondering if anyone has specific experience on this topic for the Nait 3, or. if anyone has any general advice. Thanks.

You should be fine with a pair of 6 ohm rated speakers. Naim amps are generally ok with impedances down to around 2 ohms and a 6 ohm rated pair of speakers will likely not dip below 2 ohms unless highly reactive. Out of interest, which speakers are they?

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I would expect your Nait 3 to have no problems driving nominal 6 ohm speakers.

(The Naim power amps are all rated into 4 ohms - thats where their ‘number’ comes from - the sum of the power of both channels, into a 4 ohm load. )

Thanks Richard. I am looking at the DALI Spektor 2 100W … I don’t have a great budget, but these seem to have great reviews.

Dali speakers are not known to be hard loads and there are Naim users with Dali on the forum.

FWIW I run a UnitiQute 2 with 6 Ohm speakers and I am sure lots of users even use 4 Ohm speakers with Naim (Dynaudio are often 4 Ohm). If the amp is will within the power rating of the speakers, you should be fine.

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We used a SuperUniti for a while with 4 ohm Sonus Faber loudspeakers. No issues really although bass was a bit flabby. Added a 250DR which was transformative.

If a 2012 amp can drive those I’d think a Nait would do just fine with 6 ohm speakers with higher sensitivity!

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