Naim Nait 3R problem

My english is very bad so I’ll describe right away my problem - my Nait does not separate channels.
When I play sampler disc track LEFT & RIGHT CHANNEL to test that separation, when only left channel (left speaker) suppose to be heard I got sound from both channels (speakers), at the very same level.
Same thing with right channel test.
I use rca to din adapters, tried bunch of them and result is always frustrating.
I check adapter’s pins - 3 and 5 channels, 2 ground - like they supposed to be.
I realy need help here.
p.s. this is my firs Naim, I bought it 3 days ago.

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Does it have phono boards inside or is the RCA input line level? Do you get the same through this input? If not then my suspicion would fall on the DIN adapter. Try to use proper DIN cables - RCA to DIN if need be.


Thank you Richard for your reply.
Phono board is there and I’m not 100% sure, but I think that works fine (don’t have test record to check).
Maybe minor channel level inbalance, but no big deal.
Cables, adapters aside, is there anything in amplifier, (some fault, something broken) that can cause problem with channel separation?
Thank you again.

I’m not sure. Probably something for @NeilS to advise on.

I think it would be a very unusual fault if it were with the amplifier, as it doesn’t have a mono mode to malfunction.
More likely to be a cabling issue.
Can you try a dedicated RCA to DIN lead without using any adapters?



Hi Neil,
I just tried one of those no name Din-4 rca plugs cables and nothing changes.
Unfortunately, I don’t have cd player with Din socket to try Din-Din connection, or Naim rca to Din cable.

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2 things to check - first, does the balance control shift the sound from left to right speaker and back again when you turn it? That will prove the preamp link to power amp in the nait is ok.

Next - if you only connect one of the RCA plugs to your CD player, do you only get sound from one speaker? Try this for both left (white) and right (red) RCA plugs

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Balance control shifts sound from left to right speaker, like it should.
When I connect only left channel (white rca) to cd player and track starts with test tone for left channel sound still comes from both speakers, but when test tone for right channel starts there is no sound at all.
Vice versa when right channel (red rca) is connected to cd player- no sound at all when test tone for left channel plays, and afterwards from both speakers when test tone for right channel plays.

This image shows the pin layout of the DIN input socket. Does the plug on the interconnect correspond with that?

Yes, exactly like that.

OK, I’m at a loss then. Probably best to take it to a Naim dealer so they can have a look see.

Yes, I can’t imagine a fault causing this, all I can think is somebody has modified it for dual mono for some reason.


Do you know the history of this 3R. Has it been converted to a preamp in the past and then converted back. Any pics of the rear panel ?

I am very greatful for your help.
Just one more thing, will that modification (if it was done) be visible on photos?
I wouldn’t mind to share photos here if that can help to solve this.

Possibly. Do by all means post some photos.

I don’t even know how to open this thing :slight_smile:

You remove the plastic pins and grommets, and earth screw along the lid edges securing the lid to the chassis. Use some needle nose pliars or Spencer wells to gently pull up in the pins then prise them out. You can then pull out the grommets.

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