Naim Nait 5 Question

I am using my Nait 5 as an amp with a preamp and a Hicap which i am happy with, but for some reason the Naim logo does not light up. I looked at the manual and it doesnt illustrate how to connect the Nait as an amp only. Looking at the back of the Nait the first 4 sockets to the right of the speaker connections…in soc 1 I have the 4 PIN to Hicap. Soc 2 and 3 are empty and soc4 has the link plug fitted. What is missing?

If the logo does not light, it needs repair. It might be a simple wire disconnect, it might be more, but it’s best done by a Naim service specialist.

But it lights up when I use it as a preamp or integrated

I am not sure it does light when the Nait 5 is used as a NAP. Nor does the light on the volume knob. Richard will know.

IIRC, the NAIT 5 logo does not light up when just used an a power amp.

Ahhh !! OK I re-read your OP, I did not understand the way you have it written;
As per Richard & Christopher, it won’t light when used as a power amp

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