I have a 2008 Naim Nait 5i /2008. I just purchased a pair of JBLMKII 305 3 series monitors. After purchase that I cannot use powered speakers with an integrated amp.

Is this true? If so, is there a solution other than buying new passive monitors?


Hi, unfortunately you have a power amp in the Nait, and another in the speaker, so that isn’t going to work. You will need either passive speakers, or if you want to stick with actives, change the Nait for a separate preamp.

Hi scout,

As Chris says, you can’t put two power amps in series. Unfortunately your 5i does not have a pre-out connection (which, as the name suggests, would emerge after the preamp and before the integrated power amp) but it does have a line out (labeled as HDD out on the rear panel) with a fixed output of 2 V (ie bypassing the volume control as well as the power output stage in your integrated). As a short term fix, or to try out your new monitors, you can connect the HDD out via RCA leads to the speaker inputs, set the sensitivity selector to +4 dBu (which is expecting a 1.23 V input), and use the volume controls on the rear panel of each monitor. Not ideal, not that convenient, but something to try if you just want to hear how this sounds while you decide what to do next.

With these (type of desktop monitoring) speakers, it is more usual to connect to a digital interface box, which in turn is connected to your computer digital audio workstation software, for monitoring your work. I have a set of DynAudio powered monitors and recently got an inexpensive MOTU M2 interface (direct powered over the computer USB, very good online reviews of in mic ins and headphone and pre outs). With Roon or Tidal on the Windows machine, it’s a really cool extra setup for listening in my home office.

Your choice of desktop monitors suggests this is the kind of thing you have in mind, but I might be over interpreting! Best wishes with experimentation and decision making!

Regards alan

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