Naim Nait 5SI-2 how to connect 3rd party remote?

Hi all,

I bought this but the remote was missing. How would I go about connecting a 3rd part remote to it?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


You’ll need any Naim Narcom remote, or an i-com, Flash or R-com. Alternatively some functions can be operated via other Philips RC5 remote control, but you may be missing some important programming functions.

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Thanks, Richard!

I just need volume control, really.

OK, then most RC5 remotes for pre-amp or integrated amp should work. Better to find a Narcom though.

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And how does the “pairing” process work?

There’s no “pairing” required. The remote just needs to be either a Naim Narcom, R-com, Flash, i-com, or a suitable RC5 remote for an integrated amp or pre-amp from another brand, although re. the latter there’s no guarantee it will use the exact same code sets, so you’d need to try it out first.

Wonderful, thank you so much!

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