Naim Nait 5si and power cord

Hi I’d like to know if my Nait 5si has an upgraded power cord. I bought my 2018 on ebay and it came with a Naim branded cord which has a nice kind of floating plug. Others I’ve seen used come with a normal looking white plug. Maybe later models included the Naim branded plug and earlier ones didn’t. Not sure.

Probably a Powerline Lite.

Is the IEC end a normal moulded type?

Yes it’s moulded, don’t whether it’s “normal” but it’s definitely better than one of those cheap white plugs. I’ve seen the Powerline lite on line and it does look like that. So was this supplied as standard with this amplifier?

Im unable to speak with authority regarding which cables shipped with which products.
My XS3 came with a Powerline Lite.
Im sure another member with more knowledge will clarify.

According to the Naim Audio site, it does come with the Power-Line Lite now.
“Supplied with
NARCOM-4 Remote Control, Power-Line Lite mains cable (UK denominations only)”

The one I had was a 2017 serial number and came with the white MK plug, but weirdly the NARCOM-5 remote.

Well I’m happy that it came with this upgraded cord of course. Makes a very nice impression on the buyer but I think some sellers are ignorant of this.

The powerline lite has been “free” in the box on all sub 500 components since it was introduced in 2017 (in the uk market only).

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:slightly_smiling_face:Nice one

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