Naim Nait 5SI, hdd in/out equal tape rec/play?

Hello everyone.
I was wandering if the hdd was working like a tape play/rec
I have a pair of beautiful kef 107 with the kube and I wanted to try to put back the kube eq in the signal path so I can decide what I like best…
So external active analog EQ could work on the 5 Si. ?
Thank you

I’m not sure that you can use this with the NAIT 5si, as it really needs proper tape monitoring, which also allows the EQ to be switched in or out at will.

Hello Richard.
On the kube eq from kef.
This active eq was sale with the speakers. They were made to go together.
There is two options in the back, you can plugin in between a preamp and power amp or in the tape Rec/Play.
So, I just wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t break anything if I try it…
Thank you

Yes, I know the Kube, as I have one with a pair of KEF Reference R102s. It’s a weird one, the Kube; it works well at what it was presumably designed to do, but it does come with a penalty in that you kind of always know it’s there - i.e. it’s not transparent. I do wonder what an improved PSU would be like on it. Maybe not worthwhile, but perhaps worth trying? Otherwise, just use it without the Kube, what you lose in even FR (can be somewhat ameliorated with careful placement), you gain in transparency and immediacy.

With the NAIT 5si you only really have one option and that’s to use it between source and NAIT. The HDD REC/PLAY is not good because there’s no tape monitoring (i.e. select a source and monitor through the tape loop).

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