Naim Nait XS 2 - loud noise from one speaker


I have had my Nait XS 2 amplifier for over 5 years and I’ve loved every moment with it.

However, I was woken up in the night when the right speaker started to make a cracking type sound which is quite loud. I always leave my equipment on which is why it happened in the night.

The first thing I did was to taken all of my kit apart and then just leave the amp only connected to the speakers. The noise was still there, so I swapped the speaker cables around, and still the same issue. I swapped the output around and the noise was there, but on the left speaker. So to me this has discounted the speakers and the speaker cable as the source of the problem.

My question is whether anyone else has had this issue before? I’m expecting the worst case scenario and that I need to get my amp fixed, but any help from anyone would be very welcome.

Thanks, Dom

Dom, it does sound like the amp has a problem. Try switching it off then remove and replace the link plug a few times, just in case it’s a poor connection there.

Otherwise, perhaps @NeilS will have a better idea of what may be wrong.

Hello maddom & welcome!

It definitely sounds like a fault with XS2, most likely suspects would be a transistor in the preamp stage or a failed reservoir cap in the power amp stage.

A repair job I think. :-1:


Thank you @NeilS and @Richard.Dane. I need to try to get a repair done - I think almost impossible at the moment.

I’m sorry that my first time in the forum wasn’t for nicer things! :slight_smile:



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