Naim NAIT XS 2 or NAIT 5 si for Spendor A7

Hello! I am Howard from Shanghai
My speaker is spendor A7 & Harbeth 3/5a. I am currently thinking of buying Naim NAIT XS 2 or NAIT 5 si , Are these two enough?I want to hear your suggestions. Thank you
(sorry ~ My English is poor)

For the A7, a Supernait 3 should be considered the minimum.

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I drive Spendor 3/5 with 5si. Works excellent. Never tried 5si with Harbeth, however.

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I demoed the A7s a while back and really liked their looks and sound. They are also fairly easy to drive with sensitive of 88db, and minimum impedance of around 6ohms (nominally they are rated 8ohms).

My gut feeling is that the XS2 and the 5si should be able to drive them quite well, but you should definitely try before you buy.

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oh no~over my budget

Spendor 3/5a has a great sound!!! i love it
5si for Harbeth i think the same

ok~I’m looking for naim Shanghai agent

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