Naim Nait XS Front Panel Buttons

Hello all!

I bought a Naim Nait XS3 three months ago and though I am very happy with it, something is just bothering the he-- out of me.

What should be my “Streamer” button says HDD and
What should be my “Phono” button says AUX1.
If you were going to change anything you surely would have changed the Tuner or CD buttons first I would think?

Is anyone aware was a design change made to the front panel buttons of this unit?

Thanks glad to be here - Richard

Sounds more like an XS2 front button arrangement.This is the XS3 front panel.

Yes, that sounds like XS2 front buttons. Can you post up a picture front and back?

I have the serial number on the box showing it’s an XS3. I haven’t pulled it out from the wall to look at the back however I have a turntable hooked up to the phono amp I do not believe the XS2 has a phono amp? My dealer says they must have done a revision on what they are labelling the buttons for todays’ listeners? That sounds logical but after having worked in the automotive industry for 20 years and know guys on the line will pull any part that works when they are short parts I am cynical. Also, if you were going to kill certain button names you would surely kill the “Tuner” button and make it an AUX button before the Turntable. HDD in place of Streamer is more believable but still does not make much sense to me?

I have sent my inquiry to Naim product support. I know this is a minor issue but I still see the unit advertised with the more common buttons and it just irritates me.

OK thanks. I’ve emailed Naim to investigate.

It might be a pre production or r&d model; does the serial number start with a 4? If its an 8 there’s your answer.

Serial No. 468790

The obvious question would be what else is different inside? I know about Preproduction Autos No Thanks!

Is there anything I can do?

You might have a very special rare collectible specimen on hand!

I would suspect that some XS2 button strips have somehow accidentally got mixed in with the XS3 ones. I would contact your dealer as I’ve made Naim aware and I’m sure they will want to rectify the situation ASAP for you.

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It’s tuning, Richard. Tuning. :innocent:

Thanks for your help. I’ve not heard anything from Naim yet?

Did you get in touch with your dealer? Naim would normally deal with it for you through them.

Yes, thank you, Naim replaced the unit.


That’s good to hear. Thanks for letting us all know.

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