Naim Nait XS3 or Supernait 2

Hello All,

I am using Nait XS2 for last 5 years. I recently upgraded my source to used NDX.
Next upgrade I’m thinking of Nait XS3 or Used Supernait 2.
No phono usage.

Which one is correct path?
Source NDX
Speaker PMC 25.23

SN definitely.

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Yes SN … no question.

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SN2, awesome amp.

An XS2 to XS3 will be a marginal upgrade. There are some great deals on ex dem/refurb/used SN2 around at present (in the UK). The SN2 is a significant upgrade from an XS2. Find a good one and go for that.

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You should read the thread “ Supernait 3 + Nd5xs2 sound slow “
Some prefer XS vs SN…


SN2 for sure. Great great amp for the price today.

Thank you all…! Yes Supernait will be good upgrade for my NDX. I could see plenty of used sets in EBay. I’ll grab one.

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