Naim nait xs3

I have a naim nait xs/rega p25/proac tablette.
I am thinking in pursache an xs3.
One important question to me is wich mm cartridge works fine. Could a rega exact works with the phono section?
What differences bettwen xs/xs3,
Thank you

Rega cartridges tend to work best with Rega phono stages. If you already have the Fono I’d be inclined to add a Flatcap XS to your existing Nait.

I have a stageline s/hana el. Sounds fine.
With a flatcap xs I have read a lot of opinions.
Someone says is fine… Ect.

When the Nait XS3 was launched much was made of its inbuilt mm phono stage. AFAIK none on the forum has been able to establish whether it has the same character as the existing Stageline N, the latter often considered too ‘earthy’ for a Rega mm cartridge. (It should be said that plenty like the combination).

I think you will have to try an Exact on your turntable into the XS3 and form an opinion. Please let us know what you find and enjoy the dem.

Fwiw… I use an Ortofon 2M bronze with my xs3.
Sounds sublime.

Wich speakers do you have

I tried an Ortofon Red with my SN3 phono just to see what it was like.


Great phono stage. It’s not just an afterthought!

Try any Ortofon 2m.

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