Naim NAP 150 / NAC 112

I bought a Naim nap 150 and a nac 112 but without a snaic cable, can I connect the amp and preamp with a snaic 4 cable that currently connects my naim nap 90 and nac 92? Or, I need to buy another cable. Thank You

Yes, you can use any SNAIC4. Best if it’s a later black version but the grey will work, just won’t sound quite as good. Be sure that the 5 pin link plug is fitted to the NAC112.

I think I don’t have that plugs. What to do?

I have black version of Snaic 4

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This one i bought don’t have link plug. There is no caps. Do I need the only one for signal out A or also for AUX?
I find that cap in UK, but not original NAIM. Where can I buy it original? Thanks!

You’ll need the link plug for SIGNAL OUT A. The other one is just a cap that fits over the powered AUX2 socket when not in use, and not absolutely necessary. The link plug is available from any Naim dealer, including some online (£7.93, so i see).

I would have thought the link plug that fits the 92 will work on the 112 until you find one

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Yes, the NAC92 link plug will work fine, if it still has it.

Only one? Not for Aux, just for Signal A socket?
Thank You
Sorry for bothering

Maybe this pic helps

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Yes I have it, this is from user manual. The only question that I have now is for AUX plug.

Thank You! Yes I have that plug on NAC92!

Not for AUX - that’s just a plastic cap that fits over the socket so you don’t accidentally try to connect a regular interconnect there.

Thank You! You help me 110%! Cheers!

Interesting what you think of 112/150 vs. your older 92/90 and what your source/speakers are.?

Those pre/power were Naim’s entrylevel in the 90’s and forward.
Looking further back 42/110 and 62/90 from the 80’s

I’m not sure what level Naim current pre/power have today, I recall 152/155 were discontinued, maybe same for 202/200 ? not that these would be entry-level by any means.

Maybe a single box is better selling, such as 5i/XS…etc along with Unitis.

My speakers are Tannoy T145 Ascot.
Source PC and Macbook Pro with Arcam irDac, NAD C542 CD player and Michel Tecnodec.
There is no reason exactly.

I still not receive new amp and preamp, so for sure I will write few lines about new staff in my system!

Hi Per,

I have had 112/150 for some months in the past. I remember that the pair was not considered a success among Naim owners, but I remember a few good qualities - an unusually good sound staging, a warmer voice compared to typical Naim house sound, a meaty, full presentation. In retrospect, I like the combo and might surely suggest it for lively loudspeakers and a not too absorbing room.


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My new Naim arrived yesterday and I am impressed with sound stage and sound control. There is no attack bass as I have on nap90, now it is very smooth and controlled . Treble is a little bit quiet, but detailed, on Nap90 I have a screaming tone, when I play some classical voices. All round, the sound is 30-40% better than on nap90/nac92, but the Naim charm is present.
I have few questions, about volume control. I take of the button to clean up, and i shocked with system.
Second, my friend tell me that own several Naim amps and preamps, that on 112 he use program button on remote, and then press button volume up or down, and control gain of volume button? I try that, but I can do that. Maybe this option is only available on 112x?

The NAC112 and NAC112x both use a resistor ladder volume control which uses an encoder pot. Both enable you to trim levels on all inputs.

input level adjustment

Each nac 112 input can be adjusted so that the volume level from each source is similar in normal use. The remote handset controls and enables this function. Please see the handset instructions on pages 18 and 19.

To program the volume control for each input first set the volume control to a comfortable listening level with the loudest source (probably CD). Enter program mode by pressing and holding the prog key until the amplifier volume control indicator flashes. Select the input to be adjusted using the handset and use the vol up and down keys to set the volume to a comfortable listening level. The amplifier volume control will not rotate during this operation. Select a further input to adjust. To exit program mode press and hold the prog key until the volume control indicator stops flashing, or operate any control on the amplifier.

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