Naim NAP 250dr speaker choice

Running my new upgrade NAC 272 / nap250dr (from SU) with a pair of av s3 signature speakers.

Want to get some more subtle treble and high mids.

Heard Dynaudio contour 30 with the Nap 300 (non dr) and loved it.

Can a nap 250 dr drive those dyn’s?

Yes but usual rules vis a vis home demo apply.



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Should be fine.

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I have contour 30s and drive them with ease with a nova

I have run Dynaudio Contour S3.4 and Confidence C2 Platinum with a 250 DR no problem. The Contour S3.4 were a great match for the 250DR and I had that setup for about 6 years. I then ran it with the C2s for over a year and it worked very well. Then I upgraded to a 300DR in December and that really makes the C2s shine, but I had no complaints with the 250DR.

I think the Contour 30 and 250DR will be a very satisfying match.


I’m very curious about the Dynaudio Contour 3.4 LE … certainly a gorgeous looking speaker, especially the ‘Bubbinga’ finish …

I don’t see these very much on the second-hand market … do you?

They show up in various finishes on Audiogon every now and then.


Thanks, I’m located in the Netherlands - I was always in the understanding that on Audiogon you’ve typically see American based items, right?

Yes, Audiogon isn’t exclusively U.S. (rather US and Canada), but mostly so. When I list items for sale I only ship CONUS (CONtinental U.S.).

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