Naim NAP 300DR won't stay powered

My NAP 300 DR will only stay on a few seconds then shuts off. Has worked flawlessly since new till today. Purchased mid 2018. Operates only a few hours every few days. never pushed to limits always gentle not too loud. Niagra 1000 power conditioner/surge protector. speakers are Wilson duos, transparent cable. PreAmp is NAC 272 with XPS Power supply. I’m thinking blown fuse…but…not sure. thoughts? ideas? is this a common occurence with this amp?

If it was a blown fuse it wouldn’t work at all. I suspect the on button is not latching properly. Are you turning it off after each use? It should be left on all the time. Turn it off at the wall and then press the on button on and off a good few times. Press quite hard. Hopefully after that it will stay on. Then leave it on. And the 272 as well.

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Thank-you - I will give that a shot…thanks…will repost results

HH - you are the best! your suggestion was spot on. My tunes are cranked back on. Mate - I owe you a pint…cheers…

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That’s great. 37 years of Naim ownership is sometimes useful! Now just leave it on all the time, unless you are going away or there is a thunderstorm forecast.


When switching mains switches, it’s always best to it firmly and positively rather than delicately or tentatively (obviously be sensible about this: don’t apply excessive pressure or jab it viciously!).
This helps avoid arcing during switch operation.


Agree with all the above, our 250 switch is similar, not strong but needs a sort of polite poke rather than a soft push, if that makes sense!

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