Naim nap 300dr

Hi, everyone, I would like to ask for an opinion: I have such a composed system - lp12, nac 52, SC, nap 300dr (just bought) and updated IBL speakers, how do you think the IBL responds with my new 300? up to now I have used a 250 dr. thank you all


Welcome to the Forum Franco.

The IBLs are wonderful speakers and benefit hugely from good amplification. Back in their day the 52/135 was the best passive setup you could use with them. The 300 is the heir to the 135s and should be fantastic with the IBLs. When I put a 300 on my then SL2s it made them sound significantly larger, which I imagine you’ll find with your IBLs.

It should all be wonderful. Do you feel that something is amiss, and hence the question?

What does this mean? Are the tweeters replaced? Or are it the mk2’s?

Welcome @Franco. I don’t know the IBLs but I have Kudos 505s which work really well from Nova/SN3 upwards, however the best I’ve heard them was on the back of a 252/300 (I have 282/250), the 300 has better grip, richer textures, I think you’re going to love them.

thank you very much, it should be like this, it’s a test I’ll do after the holidays, then I’ll update you, long live the IBL and Naim

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Tutto sostituito tweeter,voofer ecc ecc, tutto è come Naim chiedeva x le IBL

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I forgot Lindsay, I already love IBLs …


Do I understand correctly that you’ve replaced the tweeter and woofer? If so, that would be a good step. I’ve recently replaced the tweeters and it was a major step up to a real high end loudspeaker.

By the way, what kind of music do you listen to? I find my IBLs preferable on music where scale / weight is not required over SBLs.

Hi Lindsay, how do the Kudos speakers (sound) compare to your previous Dynaudio?

I listen to 70s rock and blues, little jazz

but are you an IBL holder? int al case what amplifier do you use?

Yes. I currently have a 72/hi/140 and use a chord mojo as source and an old Philips 104 CD player. All amps are serviced.

That’s quite a bit less amplification as you have but since this is my bedroom system it gets maybe 2 hours of use per week.

Nothing like, better in all regards. Remember as well I went Dyn 1.8s > Kudos S20s>505 each a progressive change. But the Kudos 505 by virtue of their downward firing isobaric arrangement are easier to place and drive (anything from Nova/SN3 works really well) but their bass response and definition is far greater, bass deeper as well without being woolly, the mids have far more detail, no treble roll off but here’s the surprise I honestly think they’re more rhythmic, jazz drummers just seem to swing more. However, the biggest change is the massive improvement in textures particularly vocals and strings. It’s just a better musical experience.

I guess the real test would be to compare the 505s vs a more recent Dyna model in my room? Well I’ll probably never know as barring something completely unexpected the Kudos are staying right put!



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blimey that is very positive.

I am thinking of changing my Dyna’s and Kudos Super 20 A is the one I would like to audition next. Not sure … because the Focus 260 is quite a big speaker with a lot of bass which I really do enjoy.

heard ATCs SCM19 and Proac D20, but clearly not an improvement on my Focus 260… I also auditioned the new Dynaudio Heritage against my F260, and while clearly the new technology was very audible, (bigger soundstage, more refined), it didn’t seem to me worth the money to change…

However - I noted that Kudos use newer technology like the Clarity caps in their crossovers, and HDF instead of MDF, so really curious about how they sound.

Ciao, finally, the nap 300 has arrived, I find it wonderful, my ibl makes them fly voices and dream bass


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