Naim NAP125 Help

Ive just tested my late dads system and it looks like the transformer has failed, is there any schematics on the NAP125 out there

Hi Mike,

A NAP125!

I suspect this official site will advise you to return the box to Naim.

Mike, I would get in touch with Chris Murphy - he’s based in Wellington and the NZ Naim distributor. He knows the NAP125 very well and has probably worked on most of them in the past.

The 125 was a New Zealand special, back in the chrome bumper days.

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Hi, thanks for info.
I have checked transformer and its ok so now im looking at the bridge rec and caps.
The pre amp is nac225 and the speakers are lambert audio sub and 2 satellite speakers.
Record player is a linn sondek LP12.
Im hopeing to get it running again so i can rehome it.

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