Naim Nap250-2 vs Nap250DR

I agree with this too… the 250.2 very much adds scale and drama as well as more subtle textures and details over the 200. I found the changes very significant… the only downside my 250.2 sometimes transformer hums more than my 200 ever did.

The 200DR I had was quieter than older Naim amps, but not silent. I was concerned that the bigger transformer in a 250 would be louder, as my rack is very close to the sofa, but I’m pleased to report that my new 250DR hums less than the 200DR. It’s the quietest Naim power amp I’ve had, and running in nicely :grinning:


I had a small problem with transformator hum in the Nap 200 according to DC power which can be a problem with Naim gear

But with 250-2 it’s total quiet.
A lttle surprise

Yes, I think there is a degree of variation from the torodials… however the more efficient, ie larger a torodial transforme is, the more easy it will saturate with asymmetric mains… and it will then hum with the vibrating saturated cores… and I guess it’s about how much these vibrations can be acoustically and mechanically damped to reduce the audible hum.

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Some more findings of 250 DR vs 250.2…

The DR sound is “cleaner”, more precise, intricate but not in a sterile way (like how I find Linn). I never thought anything was wrong with the 250.2, but this is much more refined and puts a big smile on my face.

Right now I am listening to Bjork’s debut and Big Time Sensuality is bouncing along better than I have heard it before!


I had my 250-2 upgraded to DR last summer. At the same time I also had the HiCap upgraded to DR and all 282/HC/250 serviced (recap, etc). When it all came back and had some time to break in (50-100 hrs) I did notice the system had greater weight and focus in the bass and more well-defined mids. The system as a whole sounded richer, more refined and with a better soundstage. I would not hesitate to upgrade to DR.

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oSometimes sound after a while and expressions can be a lot different
Our brain has to collect all the informations
I wold do the test a day and borrow a DR
version and compare the two side by side.

I did the same with nap200 …

and earlier with nac202 and now nac272

But no sound from Naim can be compared to NAC202. That pre has it’s own sound :smile:

Not sure what you mean Fischer? I have a 202 and was considering 272. How does 272 compare to 202 in your book?

I don’t really understand the comment either. FWIW: I had a 202/HC/250 and upgraded just the pre to a 282. It was a game changer. Much, much better in every way. It’s like a veil had been lifted away from the speakers. More dynamic, revealing, airy, present…everything improved in a big way. My jaw dropped the first time I played it.

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I try to explain

I find the NAC 202 much more snappy in
the sound signature. I had in the beginning nac202/nap200/napsc/hicap and later without hicap
A very exciting and funny combination where the music float in a tempo and rhytm that was a breathtaking sometimes.
I liked it but felt that i want to try another step in the Naim range. Changed to nac272 together with nap200. In the beginning I missed the nac202 because it sound so different. The nac272 still have the PRAT but have a more full bodied sound and a more natural, relaxed sound.
I think there is a reason that Naim has’nt taken it off the product line. Somebody love the nac202, somebody not
I Bought one week a go the nap250-2 and
the natch is lot better with nac272. More fine in texture and detail, better dynamics and headroom.

You have to consider what you want and make an A test between the two preamp
My choice Was in the end easy but still miss the nac202 sometimes because it has a bad boy atitude

Hope i have explained well

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Hi - are your running your 202 with HiCapDR? I found that really moved things along with the 202 to become a rather capable and enjoyable preamp - more revealing and detailed without being overstated. I found the non DR power supplies on the 202 resulted in a sound that was a little too veiled and understated (dull?) for my tastes.

The 282 is quite a change in performance - but is a rather forward sound so sometimes more careful matching is required…

To me the natural successor to the 202/HiCapDR, if you like its sound, is the 252 - but I admit that is a huge jump in performance and price! - but with certain similar characteristics.

I am afraid I have not personally compared the 272 with a 202 or 282 so I can’t comment personally - but some others suggests its kind of halfway between the two - which could be a good thing.

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Thanks for your comments Simon, I am using HiCapDR and NAPsc with 202/200 (all serviced). If you select my name you can see my system details. Love the sound and I like a forward sound, so perhaps a 282 would be good. Only problem is I’d rather reduce box count, so may wait for the 272 price drop and try a used one.

if you like a more forward sound, then yes the 282 must be on your audition list at some point. If you like that style its a superb NAC and I suspect somewhat ahead of the 272 in performance.

My advice would be keep the NAC separate if you want best SQ. If you you have to compromise to reduce the space taken (box count etc), or budget then the 272 and the new Uniti series are a great consideration.

However a ND5XS2 on your 202/HiCapDR sounds like it could be compelling audition - and you are getting all the latest learning from the Naim digital streaming products - which is extensive - as well as a great upgrade path with your NAC if and when you are ready.


I have to say the 250DR is ‘better’ in every way. I cannot imagine any speaker setup where the lower noise floor, tone, timbre and drive of the 250DR would do any worse than the 250.2. The treble also was so sweet (good) and I just loved how I could almost hear the atmosphere of the recording environment. This was through a 252/SUPERCAP.

My current dilemma is trying to ascertain wether the 250DR is a more suitable amplifier for my personal taste, than my current 2002 135s.

The 135s seem more ‘live’ to me than I remember the 250DR to be. I don’t think there is a beat out there that these bad boys could not handle with absolute ease. But I think the 250DR was a little warmer in presentation ( always a good thing for me).

I cannot comment on detail as I’m sure my 552 DR is doing a lot of work, revealing more than the 252 was.

I would love to hear other people’s impressions of 135s 250DR or any of the other NAPs in this stratosphere.


Contestable that, having owned a 282 & now 272.


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Well Graeme, it was only suspicion… I have not owned a 272 and only heard it elsewhere. I quite enjoyed my 282… but more at ease with my later 252 which is probably to my mind a bigger jump from the 282 than the 202 is to the 282.
The 252 on my 250.2 was superbly well balanced… and just sounded natural and right without any artificiality or false atmosphere or edge.

I find the 272 XPSDR closer to my old 252 with smatterings of ‘202ness’. Never really got the supposed virtues of the 282…too pushy and present for my liking.


Having had both the 250-2 and 250DR with my Dyn 1.8s I can’t imagine that anyone would prefer the former, slow, cumbersome etc in comparison.

I acquired my NAP250DR after hearing it in Audio T in Manchester. I knew there and then that I would have to upgrade from my NAP200 when finances would allow.

I would describe the sound as “absolutely exquisite”. There is an utter clarity that I can honestly say I’ve never heard before, even in Naim equipment. The sound is still unmistakably Naim - but with extra sumptuous gorgeousness! :grin:

@ Simon-in-Suffolk: I understand why you consider the sound more forward, but to my ears it’s really only down to the fact that the presentation is just so accurate.

Definitely not slow and cumbersome with a 552… right now I prefer the balance and the authoritative warmth and punch of the 250.2… horses for courses… and for now held back on changing my 250.2 spec to the 250DR spec, I prefer the organic naturalness of the 250.2 over the digital crystal clear clarity of the 250DR… it reminds a few years back of the comparisons between the NDS/555PS and the NDAC/555PS. Wrote a lot about this on the old forum.

Listening to Tin Drum by Japan right now … and it sounds fantastic.