Naim Nap250-2 vs Nap250DR

Hi Simon,

Interesting view of the 250.2 with a 552.

Have you ever had a chance to compare a 250.2 with a 250DR on a 552? I have not by the way so am unable to shed any light on the comparison of the two amps. I did own a 250.2 years ago when I had a 282. Impossible now to offer any reliable comparison I am afraid as my system (and time) have moved on considerably. Your views of the two power amps might be an overhang, or indeed more of an issue with your 252. Just a thought.

You may know that I use a 552 with a 250DR and I don’t really recognise your impressions of a ‘…digital crystal clear clarity of the 250DR’, but it could I guess sound like this in comparison with the 250.2.

Used with a 552, I am just amazed by the ‘added’ capability of the 250DR compared to using this power amp with a 252 or a 282. It never feels out of its depth other than occasionally when the music mix gets dense and loud, but I will forgive it that.

Hi Nigel, yes I use my 552DR to drive my 250.2… that crystal clear clarity is what I hear elsewhere with the 250DR… a lot of people like it… I think it is too much for my ears, perhaps my revealing ATC speakers are something to do with it… I don’t know… but when your system sounds so right and natural, and you notice imperfections elsewhere on other people’s systems I don’t want to risk upsetting it… (sure there is probably a degree of what you are familiar with) but hence I have resisted changing to upset the balance.
Interesting you don’t find the 250DR clear sounding… I have felt it’s lower noise floor and added clarity/detail compared to its older sibling was its main benefit.

Hi Simon,

I do remember the lower noise floor moving from the 250.2 to the 250DR. We used to joke on the old forum of ‘inky blackness’ but there was indeed an element of that with the DR’d 250. Added clarity with a 250DR, yes, but not to the extent of a ‘digital’ signature in my experience. But we all hear things differently and of course the rest of our systems, set up, speakers and room will all have an influence over the final sound signature.

Quite right not to upset the balance you have obtained with your 552 and 250.2, some might call it synergy. I also think you have hit the nail on the head pointing towards a familiarity with a sound signature that could be lost if you start to experiment too much.

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