Naim Napsc -Nac 102

I read that this power supply is ideal for raising the performance level of the NAC 102.
In your opinion, what could be the min / max quotation on the used market?
Could the olive version also be replaced by the more recent napsc 2 without further modifications?

You can use either NAPSC on the 102 personally I would choose the later 2 version as you can use a Powerline mains lead.

I would say £150-200 on the used market.

Version one around £120

I have used both olive NAPSC and black “NAPSC2” on both NAC102 & NAC82 (obviously for the 82 the NAPSC(2) is mandatory). So my thoughts are:

  1. I ran my 102 without a NAPSC, and then with an olive NAPSC. On first listen I couldn’t say categorically that its addition made any difference at all. Sometime later needed to power an olive Headline, so I “borrowed” the NAPSC from the 102. This time I did notice a difference, but couldn’t pin it down to anything; I just felt that the 102 had “lost” something. Needless to say, I bought another PSU for the NAHA and the NAPSC went back to the 102.

  2. I have two olive NAPSC and two black NAPSC2. I run have run both the 102 and the 82 from either. The only difference I have found is that the NAPSC2s outputs are 18.5V whereas the olives are 16.5V.

  3. One point about the black NAPSC2 is that you could use a Powerline mains cable (the olive NAPSC has a captive mains cable). Never tried it myself, but some members have reported that it is beneficial.

  4. Some members have reported that siting the NAPSC(2) as far away from the main rack & preamp as possible has been beneficial. For myself, I found no differences.

  5. Prices from that well known blah blah… in general the NAPSC2 will sell for around hundred quid more than the NAPSC.

Now that being greedy… :rofl:

My 82 runs with its original NAPSC (1) - perfectly fine…

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I had both the NAPSC 1&2 here for a while and decided the newer one was worth the extra, though both make a substantial difference to my ears. By taking the control circuitry noise off the signal circuitry power feed more low level musical information can be heard.

Money saved by going for an older PSC could go towards getting the 102 serviced in the not too distant future though…


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