Naim NAT 01 Tuner - Questions on buying in 2023

Hi fellow Naim enthusiasts,

I recently purchased a fantastic Naim “Chrome Bumper” system consisting of a NAC 32-5 with matching Hi-Cap, and NAP 250 amplifier. Fully gone through and serviced, ready to sound wonderful for another 40 years.

On research it looks like the Naim NAT 01 Tuner plus its NAPST power supply is the missing link to make my 1980’s Chrome Bumper system complete.

However in searching I’ve not found many of these for sale so far in the USA.

I have however found several in Europe - UK, Italy, more - but they are all 220V.

Does anyone know if the NAPST can be modified from 220V to 120V internally? I have a professional repair shop available that can make the changes.

Many thanks in advance!

@Richard.Dane should know, even do know :grin:

IIRC it’s possible but will likely need to be done by the factory to ensure the head unit is properly aligned for use in the US. Only the factory has the necessary equipment to work on the tuners. I’m sure @NeilS can give more details here.

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Thank you @Richard.Dane and @NeilS for your fast responses.

The person I work actually has the equipment and knowledge to test and align tuners of all vintage makes and models. It’s one of his specialities and quite rare these days.

That sounds like he’d know what was what in the head unit, but you need the PSU dealing with - it’s not a tuner and his expertise might not help there.

Good point. I’ll ask before I proceed with this. Thanks for your response.

I think what @EBWhite is basically asking is whether it’s an internal wiring change to adapt the power unit for 115V or a different transformer.

Electronics-wise it’s trivial so a guy who works on tuners can easily do whatever is needed to a power supply if he has the necessary parts.

Correct @davidhendon, need to know if the existing transformer has the proper taps to work with US voltage or it’s a no-go.

I remember a similar thread once and as the member was living in US, the recommendation was to send it to AV options.

Also can someone please confirm that it is possible to connect the NAT 03 “Olive Green” tuner output to one of the inputs on my NAC 32-5.

Can’t see why not, it’s a standard 5 pin DIN(180deg) “lavender” interconnect. In fact, our 03 is plugged into my wife’s Meridian 101 preamp using the self same lavender.

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Thank you @suzywong!

Having purchased a 220v NAT01 in the past, the conversion of the power supply to 110V is quite simple as the Holden and Fisher toroidal transformers used do have 120v and 220v taps on them. Takes all of about 10 min for a qualified person at a Naim service centre to complete the conversion. The fuse should be changed as well.

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YES!!! Thank you @Geofiz

As above - the PST transformer has dual primary windings & can be converted to 120V (in this case).
As for adjustments to the head unit, something to do with pre/de-emphasis. As you can probably tell, tuners are not my forte!
Hopefully your tech guy will know what to do. If any of the ferrite cores inside the coil formers break during adjustment, you might be in trouble though.


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Yes, the de-emphasis will need to be modified or US stations will sound a bit dull as the high audio frequencies get rolled off

I run an NAT03 through my 32.5 with a standard SNAIC…works great, underestimated tuner. Listen to it all the time. There’s a healthy thread on it. I have not listened to the NAT 01, 101, or 02, but I understand the 03 may be a bit better at pulling in longer distance stations, more our listening situation in the US. My NAT03 does pretty well with pulling local stations in. Its circuitry is such that it only brings in those stations that sound decent, so don’t expect to use it trying to pull in marginal, distant stations, unless you want to invest in a big FM antenna on a rotator.

One thing I like about the 03 is that it seems to suppress stereo noise pretty well - on my other tuners, I regularly reach for the mono button; the 03 not so much.

I had the 03 recapped by Naim North America after I bought it…their work is a very good value.

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Just to avoid any confusion for others here who may be reading, I assume you mean the standard interconnect rather than a SNAIC…


Contact Chris West at AV Options. He can do the voltage conversion, no problem. He can also tell you if the NAT01 has a switch to change the de-emphasis from 50uS (UK) to 75uS (USA) or if it will require some component changes. Most people won’t hear much difference but if you have a good ear, the UK setting will sound a little dull here in the US.

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Ah yes, of course, thanks Richard.

Also, to be clear - there’s no stereo/mono button on the NAT03. I meant the impulse to push such a button is more limited with the NAT03! It’s another thing I like about it - for example with my Yamaha T-2, there are about five buttons - muting, DX, stereo/mono, etc. that all can be messed with in search of the best sound. Sometimes useful, but often just a hassle.

BTW, I prefer the sound of my NAT03 over the T-2 by a decent margin.