Naim NAT 05 XS tuner + HCDR

Quick question on NAT 05 XS tuner, there is a diagram in the manual showing the connection to a flat cap.

Can I use a HCDR instead or even a SC? Just curious.


Yes - it’s actually mentioned in the text of the manual even if not shown in the diagram.

However, if that dedicated to FM, I’d be looking for a NAT 01 instead.

Thanks ricsimas,

I have a 02 oliver and 05 XS tuner. Just itchy to try HCDR on 05XS since getting an extra HCDR at a good price.
Which output on HCDR should I use? Thanks

As above. Socket 4.

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I used a HC-DR on my NAT05 XS a couple if years before moving to the SC-DR. While the smaller PSU did what it was supposed to, giving PRaT and relief to a rather dry and linear SQ, the larger one gave air, greater nuances and colors, absolutely delicious.

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