Naim NBL Boxing question (transport bolts)

Anyone able to provide size/threading of the NBL transport bolts?
Think 4 total (2 per speaker from memory on back of midrange box section).
Thx in advance for any insight.

There are two bolts for the mids and two for the bass = 4 per speaker.
I’m afraid mine are currently boxed up and weighing 40kg each, I can’t access them on my own to check the tread sizes.
EDIT: There are also a couple of driver bolts used to hold the mid or tweeter cover plate in place. (I forget if the plate covers one or both drivers)

M6 bolts 40mm long for tweeter/mid units, 20mm long for the bass drivers. Standard thread, 2 of each per speaker. Remember spacers for the bass drivers and cardboard/foam covers for the tweeters.

Thx for this!

ok just so to make sure I have this right (hope just one trip to shops : )

I will need a total for both speakers:

4 x M6 at 40mm
4 x M6 at 20mm

Let me know if I have this wrong.


That’s right!

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Thx again - off to the shops now :blush:


Just a reminder that there are various cardboard “spacers” and a foam block which all should be correctly positioned prior to tightening the bolts.

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Don’t forgot the spacers for the mid box that’s really important

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Boxed this pair of NBL’s up today (they looked like new overall just stunning) and the bolt info was spot on thx again!

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