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Dear friends.

I have a ND5 XS 2 bought 4 months ago and it suddenly could not connect to the iPad. I did a factory reset by removing the power and holding the reset and plugging in the power. That did not solve it. There was and update to IOS14 on my iPad, but I managed to get AIRPLAY configured based on NAIM feedback on the IOS14 issues.

I noticed that the tiny LED network status light that normally comes on ‘red’ to setup up the WiFi is not appearing. Also, noticed that the power ‘green’ light flashes the code 2410.

Any one know what error code is 2410 and how to solve it?

Appreciate your humble feed back.

Thank you


Hi Subas
Naim do not routinely publish the meaning of error codes, so unless someone happens to have found the same problem, you would need to contact Naim Support or your dealer to find out.
Other than that, when when network connection issues come up, restarting your router is often the best thing to try first.

I agree with @ChrisSU that re-starting the router is a good first step, as well as contacting support to get to the bottom of the error code.

When I received mine it would not coneect to my WiFi initially, nor did the Naim app ‘see’ it on my iPhone. Though there was no error code (which, by the way, where are you seeing this…on your iPad?), it took several attemps at doing a factory reset on the ND5 XS2. About the fourth or fifth time did the trick; suddenly it went through the correct lighting sequences and the app found it.

Another thing to think about is using the iPad as a controller—that is, some seem to have recurrences of failing to connect to a Network over time and you have to perform a factory reset of those, too. I only mention it in passing and am not suggesting these are mutually exclusive, but maybe trying a reset of your Network router, a factory reset of the iPad and the Naim might bring things around. Good luck! I’m certain it’ll get sorted out.

Absolutely restart your router, then wait 5 mins.

I wouldn’t go this far, although you could try a to reset your network settings on the iPad, as that has fixed someones issue in the past.
(Reset your Network Settings . Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings . This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings and VPN and APN settings that you’ve used before)
However a couple of questions:
Can you possibly get a network cable from your router to the ND5?
Have you tried the Naim app from a Phone?

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Good points. I only brought up the iPad factory reset because I’ve had a couple that resetting Network settings did absolutely nothing; it would work for a day or two then drop out of existence again. The only thing that has rectified the situation was to perform a factory reset. This should not be confused with a Hard Reset, whereby doing so you will lose everything (apps, etc.). That, I agree, would be a no-no.

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Dear All.

Thank you for all the help that everyone have provided. Just to update everyone that I had tried all the above-requested ideas provided and sad to say it did not work.

I contacted the NAIM Helpdesk in the UK and based on their troubleshooting it seems that the error code “4310” is actually a hardware failure. As such, I have no choice to send the unit back to NAIM.

Basically, if you do a “Fully Factory Reset” and the out come of that will be a “RED” flashing LED status light beside the Power button and if that LED status light does not light up (dark) just like my set, it simply means the unit is dead. Also i have tried it with a Android Samsung Pad it did not work.

Once again to everyone, thank you all very much for all your contributions. Stay Safe…



Sorry to hear. It’ll get sorted, but disappointing all the same.

Sorry to hear this subas. Disappointing performance yet again.

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