Naim ND5 XS getting hot

I have just purchased a new ND5 XS (first version with screen) which has now been in use for about 24 hours. It is used with Nait XS 2 and CD5 XS. I have noticed that the streamer is running a hot hotter to the touch than the other two components, is this normal. I have looked at the inside via Google images and can see the hottest part is above the mains transformer which is to be expected. However I would have thought the amp would get hotter when working hard playing music. Anyone else noticed this. I will probably ring Naim tomorrow for comment

Just checked. Mine is cold. V4.4. Made 2013

When I had the XS2 and ND5XS, the latter was warmer too, and I too was surprised but not really bothered. If you are concerned, drop Naim a line.

My NDX case is slightly warmer than the Supernait. I measured the case temperatures & found the warmest area is about 15’C higher than ambient.
This normal; the ND streamers are on & running all the time. I’ve found it can be made to run cooler overnight by turning off the internet feed, this can be done in settings with a time limit, or with iRadio touch “Stop Stream” on the now playing screen. But it really doesn’t make much difference.

yep my one runs hotter than the sn2.

Depends where it’s hot. My NDX is pretty hot (hotter than my 250dr) but this is confined to an area on the front right due to the logic board by the screen I suspect.

It’s been like this for 5 years and works fine.

Is it on a hifi rack or in a vented cupboard? May seem obvious but reason I ask is that I had my Naim system in a vented cupboard and some components ran hot, including the ND5 XS. Had a hicap which ran very hot too and had it checked out and was told it was fine. Got rid of it and got a supercap instead.

My ND5 XS runs cool now in a Fraim.

Thanks for the comments which I have noted, I will relocate it onto a separate open shelf and try switching off the streaming when not needed. As a matter of interest the inside of the new ND5 XS looks rather different in layout to the original model, looks like a complete re-think has taken place

You’re meant to keep Naim equipment turned on all the time. Turning it off affects SQ.

I did not suggest & I don’t think Nimrodmr2p intends to turn off the ND5, I suggest to only turn off the internet connection, it has a time limit feature in settings or you can stop stream in iRadio.

I’m with you now! Thanks.

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bear in mind “hot” is not a temperature. If it is below 50c, I’d not worry about it.

I used to use an ND5 XS: it always ran quite warm to the touch - much warmer than the amp - but never too hot to touch.

I just looked up my notes on the testing I did …

In a room ambient of 21’C & after an on & idle state for >24 hrs the case temp measured 36.7’C.
After playing one album of 54 minutes the temp changed to 37.2‘C & remained at the same temp after aprx 3 hours playing.

front right?

either way sound right. Mine’s about 45c. Ambient is 28c. Well ventillated on a rack. Away from that general area is hardly even warm

I use a Fluke IR temp sensor, I found right side of the centre panel to be warmest.
NB: I get no heat from the transformer as I have a PSU

My ND5 XS has been streaming all day and running cool! :sunglasses:

Ditto on the external PSU. i think the temps we have and ambient differences is enough for the OP to get an idea of whether this is withins norms. I’m betting it is.

50 sounds pretty darned hot to me, if you’re talking about the case (which is also the heat sink, of course.) That would be uncomfortable to the touch. Probably fine for the internal temperature.

I believe it’s the streaming board that gets warm. My 272 is always quite toasty, yet the 300 is always cool. You can find out the internal temperature via the display, using the spanner button. Just make sure there is air around it, and that it has its own shelf, not stacked on another Naim unit.