Naim nd5xs screen off

Hello everybody.
I’m new to the forum
I wanted to know after my hifi was turned off for a long time, the oled screen of my nd5xs is very low.
will it be broken?
thank you all for your answers

I have the same issue with my ND5XS screen - it is in my second system so doesn’t get switched on that often. Last time I used it I noticed that screen was very faint and almost non-existent.

However, as with my main NDS, I never really look at the screen, using the app on my iphone to view album details etc. So the loss of the screen information is not really a problem for me.

These screens do unfortunately wear out. It’s best to set the screen to turn off after a few seconds. The screen can be replaced. If it fades completely there will be some setup functions that you won’t be able to do, as you won’t be able to see the menus.

100%, my NDX is over 5 years old & its screen is a bright as the day it was new,
probably because I have the screen timer set for 30 secs. Its pointless to have the screen (or buttons) illuminated, & in my case especially as at 4m distant from my listening chair, I need binoculars to read it.


But I don’t recall hearing before this thread that storing the unit switched off for some months causes the oled screen to fail…



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