Naim ND5XS Tv Component Audio Connection

My TV only has component audio output; I’d like to run it through my ND5XS so as to make use of its Dac but the streamer doesn’t have a component or RCA input.
Is there a way to do this ?

It’s my understanding that the audio output that accompanies component video is a simple left and right analogue, in which case it can’t be connected to the streamer but can be connected to the amplifier.

You might be able to do it with an analogue to digital converter between TV and streamer. CYP make reasonable ones at reasonable cost. Should be OK but do check with more knowledgable folk than me.

I would avoid undergoing unnecessary A-D and D-A processing - at best it may introduce lip sync issues, and at worst it’ll just sound worse than a straight Analogue connection here. Only issue you may come against is a ground loop, in which case you may need an inline isolator.

You would not be “making use” of its DAC in this case, but rather introducing two unnecessary conversions and still running it first through the TV’s (or receiver’s, cable box’s, etc.) DAC.

This has no chance whatsoever of increasing fidelity to the original signal. If you think the advantage is imparting some kind of sonic character from the ND5XS, then it’s something else.

What sources are you using for the TV, and couldn’t you get a digital signal from one of those instead?

Thanks everyone.

Looks like I will stay with the TV as it is straight into the Nac 72

Your TV is presumably quite old, otherwise it would have an optical output which would be ideal for connecting to the ND5XS. Perhaps, when it dies, you can do this with its replacement.

Yes thx my TV is older model and to have one with optical out would answer the problem

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