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Recently I upgraded my Rega DAC with Naim nDAC. I’'m connecting an Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 streamer with it via Chord Signature RCA coax cable (the old red version with the double cable). The DAC is connected via the Chord Signature Tunned Array RCA cable (the newest version with PTFE plugs) to Naim Supernait2. My speakers are Monitor Audio Gold 200 5G. I’m wondering whether using a different digital cable like the newest Chord Epic RCA coax digital cable might bring further improvements in my system. I was advised by Chord that the new Chord Epic coax is a lot better than the old Chord Signature version. Does anyone have a similar experience and have tried the Chord Epic digital cable? Would it be worth upgrading to it?

Best connection to the NDac is by BNC.
I would try looking for an offering that is BNC with an RCA adapter to connect up your mini.

Thank you for your reply! Interesting, is this due to the implementation of the nDAC inputs or the BNC connector/toplogy itself?

Pretty sure it’s more to do with the topology of BNC.
Rather than the specific differences between inputs, although I believe the optical is limited in bandwidth compared to others.

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Coaxial s/pdif via BNC is much the best choice as it enables you to ensure that the connectors have a 75ohm impedance.



How do you compare the sound between the two ?

I don’t think I’ve ever bothered to compare like with like back to back. Or if I have, I’ve long forgotten.

I could try few coax. Cables. They were all sounding différent…

I had at home : kimber dv30, Blackcat Silverstar 75, Naim DC1 and Vertere Dfi.

To me, in my system the Best is the Vertere, and Just after the Naim Dc1. Others are not appropriated to my set (full olive).
A friend of me prefered the DC1, although he recognizes the qualities of the Vertere. The difference : he’s full black.

In both cases, thoses cables are similar in their own qualities but to me, the Vertere is more refined, delicate, detailed comparer to the Naim (less up in your face). But both keep the Famous PRAT.

PS: my friend when he tested my DC1 couldn’t return it to me. I had to sell him it. He sold his Chord Digital… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

IMHO, the best way is to try few cables “in situ” and keeping the One (best sounding) that feats to your naim system.

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Unfortunately it’s hard to find a variety of cables for demo in my city. I have not heard about Vertere products and it would be hard to try one. I have missed the fact that Naim have a dedicated digital cable. I’d also consider it as an option. It’s interesting how it compares with Chord digital cables.

In my experience, it is important to avoid using adapters, because they inevitably degrade the sound. If the Innuos device only has an RCA out, I recommend using an RCA on that end of the cable. You can buy RCA->BNC cables, or the reverse; Naim’s DC1 can be ordered in all configurations. Also, while I agree that BNC is overall the best choice, the RCA inputs on the nDAC are very good and need not be avoided. A stellar RCA cable can sound better than a mediocre BNC one.


The Innuos has coax, optical toslink output and USB. I also don’t want to use adapter but as you said Naim’s or Chord’s coax cables can be purchased with RCA->BNC configurations. Probably this would be the way to go. Now I’m hesitating between Naim DC1 and Chord Epic. I won’t be able to try any of them in advance so unless any of you have compared them it would be a guessing choice with trial and error.

Great system!

I, too, upgraded with a Naim DAC. (And a huge shout-out to Flynn in Naim Service, who sent me a USB stick with the firmware update after I botched it originally . . . )

I’ve tried a Wireworld Starlight 8 BNC to BNC, an Audioquest Cinnamon RCA-RCA, another AQ RCA-RCA (forget the name), the least expensive Chord BNC, and a couple of others. The Wireworld is the best performing of the bunch; note that I’ve not compared it to anything too expensive (and it was $50 US from eBay, brand new).

I’d agree to stick with BNC - the BNC cables were better, to me, than any of the RCA variants.

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