Naim ndac: what’s in the box?

I’m in the hunt for a Naim ndac, what’s in the box? Link plug, power cord, remote and bnc cable?


There’s a link plug, a manual and a mains lead.


What Richard said and a very, very good DAC :grinning:


I won the auction for a near mint one at very good price, I’m very happy :smiley:
So I can use the 202 remote with the dac?
Now looking for a good Bnc/bnc cable, any advice?

Naim DC1 BNC-BNC would be my top recommendation.

The nDAC should also come with a 180 DIN5-DIN5 Interconnect in the box.

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Correct. I missed off the i/c…

Didn’t there used to be a data sheet detailing the supplied items for each different Naim product?
Perhaps this could be put on the FAQ page.

It’s here in the archive:

That’s the one.
Looks like Naim could do with updating this list, Steve did 11 years ago.
Just the job for the “work at home” team during these covid times.

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Based on my experience with my Supernait 2 buttons 7, 8, 9 & 0 on the remote will trigger inputs 1, 2, 3 & 4 on the nDAC. The same buttons can be used for prev, next, stop and play when playing files on a usb stick. As I recall this works without needing to connect the remote control in/out sockets on the back of the nDAC and ore-amp.


@Nathan, Thanks!!!

I’d suggest emailing Naim support - I had a similar issue and they were kind enough to mail me (in the US, no less) a USB stick with the correct firmware. It worked perfectly (as you’d expect!).

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Ok thanks, I’ll do that thanks, just odd why I can’t play a big standard wav file, just wondered if I was doing something wrong etc?!?

The ndac has been on the market since 2008/09, any one know how mutch i has changed over de years.
I’m might buye on, there is offen a 2009 to 2011 model for sale but if the later models are better then i migt be better to waith to at late model show up to a ok Price .

As far as I know there haven’t been any changes to the hardware. The software was updated a few times, the change from the second to last to the final version made my late model DAC even better.
The capacitors are obviously older = longer in use in the older ones.

Thanks, then the age is not super importen

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